The Way We Parent: Parenting Is More Than Discipline

Welcome back to Episode 8 of Open Door Conversations. Today’s topic is titled “The Way We Parent: Parenting Is More Than Discipline.”  This can sometimes be a controversial topic and yet it is one that shapes the very fabric of our community.  How we parent does have an impact on who our children become, how they see themselves, and how they engage in the world and in relationships.  There are some mental health and relational challenges that can stem from how you were parented and we hope that this discussion and some of the suggestions and or resources shared can be of benefit in helping our community open the door and converse about parenting, maybe even consider working to shift their own style toward a more “loving” one.

Highlights from the episode

  • Did you adopt your parenting style from your upbringing?  If not, did you change it and why?
  • What are some of the things that impacted you due to how you were parented?
  • What are some of the beliefs in our community around parenting? (Ex: Do you believe that a child speaking up is the same as “talking back” or “freedom of expression?”)
  • Love and logic, parenting is more than discipline and correction

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Books: Parenting With Love & Logic by Dr. Foster Cline & Jim Fay

Positive Discipline for Today’s Busy & Overwhelmed Parent by Jane Nelsen, Kristina Bill

& Joy Marchese

Direct Service: Visit you county’s website for additional parenting resources

Google Search: Search for counseling agencies in your area that provide parenting seminars/classes

*Disclaimer: While we may be recognized as mental health professionals, our topics are in no way a substitute for any listener obtaining the professional support of a mental health clinician in your local area.  Please use this podcast and its content as a resource.

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