I’ve Been Triggered, Learned Maladaptive Behavior

I’ve Been Triggered, Learned Maladaptive Behavior

It’s the latest buzz word around relational issues, “TRIGGER!”  You have probably heard phrases or spoken phrases like this, “that’s a trigger for me,” or “they just triggered me.”  In today’s episode we cover the topic of triggers.  What are they, how are they developed in our lives, and what in the world do I do when “I’ve been triggered?”  These are just a few questions we cover in this episode.  Go ahead and open the door to this conversation. We hope to provide some perspective on how you can identify your own triggers and how to manage them in your inner life as well as when they show up in your relationships.  

Highlights from the episode

• Defining what we mean by “trigger”

• How are triggers created?

• Why it is important for you to identify your own triggers

• A simple self awareness exercise to help you identify your own triggers

*Disclaimer: While we may be recognized as mental health professionals, our topics are in no way a substitute for any listener obtaining the professional support of a mental health clinician in your local area.  Please use this podcast and its content as a resource.  

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