It ain't you sis, or is it?

It ain't you sis, or is it?

Being in an intimate relationship or relationship of any kind can be rewarding and fulfilling.  There are some relationships however where people find themselves questioning their worth, sanity, or compromising their values and when we pull back the curtain, we find that there are negative or challenging influences.  How do you know when those outside influences are the sore spot of your relationship.  How do you know when it really isn’t “their stuff” but it is actually your own history, past trauma, or emotional development that is contributing to relational outcomes?  Well we tackle all of that and more in this episode of Open Door Conversations.  

Not all things you experience are because of you or something you’ve done but there are times when we have to accept our part and take responsibility for where things are, even if we have allowed for some behaviors.  There’s hope though, we can heal forward.

Highlights from the episode:

• The power of self awareness

• Implementing boundaries

• What to do when you realize you are not the cause of others behavior

Contact Info:

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David Lee

David Lee

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