Implementer Series Part 1 -  Conversation with Jom John

Implementer Series Part 1 - Conversation with Jom John

This episode kicks off the Implementer Series. Over the next couple of weeks, I sit down with different folks from in the identity industry and ask them what they think it takes to be a good IAM implementer, and also what it takes to have a successful IAM implementation. The series kicks off with a good friend of mine Mr. Jom John. Meet Jom I've been in the Identity & Access Management Industry now for 15+ years.  A great deal has changed over the years but one constant that I've seen is the underestimation of what it takes to precisely deliver a robust IAM Program.  Make no mistake, it is a Program that requires dedicated resources from Human Resources, Platform Owners, Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, Security, and Compliance. I started my career as a System Administrator performing the day to day grunt work of maintaining a Global IAM deployment with 250,000+ identities in over 73 countries. Since then I've worked with a variety of products in our industry (SailPoint, Oracle, Courion, IBM, RSA, Legacy Sun, NetIQ, Ping, CyberArk, etc...).  My responsibilities varied from architecture, design, coding, testing, and deploying these solutions.  By getting my hands dirty, I've been able to understand how these products resolve business challenges effectively.

David Lee

David Lee

Atlanta, GA
Identity Jedi, financial professional, and aspiring mogul. David lives to enlighten and help all those around him. Additionally he's pretty funny too, sometimes.


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