Free the Root and Replant Yourself

Free the Root and Replant Yourself

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Are there any scientists in the listening audience?  When we thought about the amazing process of photosynthesis and how plants and trees convert light energy for use as fuel, we thought about this process's impact on the roots of those living organisms.  So what is fueling your roots?  In this episode we discuss what it means to be rooted and how our roots can possibly impact or have bearing on our current functioning and state of being.  What has fed your roots or what is feeding your roots?  Are they healthy?  If not, how do you work on healing the roots of your life so that the fruit of your life produces healthier outcomes?

Highlights from the episode

• What are roots?

• Unlearning lessons taught by wounded others

• What does it mean to replant yourself?

*Disclaimer: While we may be recognized as mental health professionals, our topics are in no way a substitute for any listener obtaining the professional support of a mental health clinician in your local area.  Please use this podcast and its content as a resource.  

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David Lee

David Lee

Atlanta, GA
Identity Jedi, financial professional, and aspiring mogul. David lives to enlighten and help all those around him. Additionally he's pretty funny too, sometimes.

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