Episode 10:  Deal With Yo Stuff, What Are You Needing to Heal From?

Episode 10: Deal With Yo Stuff, What Are You Needing to Heal From?

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Welcome back to Episode 10 of Open Door Conversations. Today’s topic is titled “Deal With Yo Stuff, What Are You Needing to Heal From?”

It’s not easy to consider how we may be contributing to the challenges in our life and relationships. For some, passing the buck or blaming others may seem easier and yet one of the most rewarding experiences for your life and relationships is ‘dealing with your own issues.’  In this episode we opened the door to discuss just how powerful and courageous you are when you decide to address the behaviors that may be negatively impacting your  life and relationships.   Hope this conversation blesses you in some way.  Thanks for listening!  

Highlights from the episode

• Learning to recognize your own toxic traits, look in the mirror

• Healing from your past, addressing maladaptive or toxic behaviors

• How your community can help hold you accountable

• The power, influence, and impact you have when you address your own issues

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Websites: Psychology Today, Therapist.com, Goodtherapy.org

Social Media: Ask for therapist referrals from groups or your friend list/followers

Google Search: Therapists in my area (by zip code), counseling agencies in my area

Local: Contact Catholic/Jewish Charities, Church-based counseling centers

*Disclaimer: While we may be recognized as mental health professionals, our topics are in no way a substitute for any listener obtaining the professional support of a mental health clinician in your local area.  Please use this podcast and its content as a resource only.  

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