Conversation with Kym Caldwell

Conversation with Kym Caldwell

We're BAAAACKKKK!! C3 Squad stand up, and we are back with another episode of the C3 podcast.

It's been a long time, we shouldn't left you....

But TRUST when I tell you we have been in the lab cooking up something special for you C3 SQUAD. We've got a brand new format coming to the show, and we can't wait for you to see it, but first we wanted to finish out our original format with this very special guest Ms. Kym Caldwell.

Meet Kym:

Kymberly Caldwell , a native of Asheville, NC resides in Charlotte, NC. A former medical office manager for 24 years now turned serial entrepreneur and advocate for network marketing, multiple streams of income specifically residual and leveraged income.

Kymberly is a by product of a 38 year old family owned business where she learned the ins and outs, ups and down of owning a small business firsthand. While blessed to have a working relationship with her father, mother and brother she also learned the toll of family owned business and the impact on family from a traditional business.

At 45 , when the family business closed after 38 years , Kymberly decided to embark upon life as a serial entrepreneur. She is the CEO and President of 4 businesses and a non-profit organization that serves the residents of the state of North Carolina through economic empowerment.To add to her repertoire, Kymberly manages several properties and is also a real estate developer. In her addition, Kymberly is a world Class traveler, who has traveled to several countries and over 20 states. Kymberly is not just a leader, she is an ambassador to a team of 400 entrepreneurs and is known as The Residual Income Builder.

Kymberly is a woman of faith and she uses her voice, her wisdom and her courage to lead an organization called A Tribe Called Faith and Faith Girl, The Identity Brand. With her latest project Jump, Kymberly is educating others on how to take the leap of faith and monetize.

Through the different dynamics of Kym’s life she still finds time for community projects.  Kymberly is a dedicated philanthropist.  She works on several community outreach projects for the homeless population, senior citizens, families in need, at-risk-youth and she believes in supporting African American Small Business Start Ups.

Kym is also committed to the overall physical betterment of families including the well-being of her own family. Kym is a wonderful daughter, a dedicated sister, niece, cousin and friend.  However, quality time with her 90 year old Great Aunt Rose is a must. Kymberly Caldwell is a Visionary and a Leader in her own right and she strives to inspire, empower and improve the quality of life for humanity as she spreads the message of faith, fun, fitness and financial freedom to impact the lives of those that she encounters.

David Lee

David Lee

Atlanta, GA
Identity Jedi, financial professional, and aspiring mogul. David lives to enlighten and help all those around him. Additionally he's pretty funny too, sometimes.


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