Conversation with Shana Baylis. The ins and outs of the real estate game.

Conversation with Shana Baylis. The ins and outs of the real estate game.

This week I sit down with Shana Baylis ( The best realtor in Atlanta!) and we talk about success in real estate and what it takes to build a successful business.  Tips for potential homebuyers, and what’s next for the Baylis group.

Meet Shana:

Shana, a Chicago native turned Atlanta peach, is the oldest of five girls and a twin! She received her undergraduate degree in Human Services Management from Northern Illinois University. Shana began her real estate career in Chicago managing multimillion dollar commercial and multi-family residential properties. With over ten years of real estate experience, today, Shana is a powerhouse in the Atlanta real estate market.

Shana is on the leadership board in her office and leads her own team. In less than one year Shana’s team, The Baylis Group, has sold millions of dollars in real estate and is part of the top 10% in an office that sold $1 billion in real estate in 2021 alone.

In addition to being a leader of her team and in her office, Shana loves educating buyers and sellers by helping them build a foundation for their future through real estate.

She founded the organization "The Mom Start Up" which partners with moms to birth their business. Shana is also writing a book titled “Before You Buy” which educates those who want to purchase their first home, but aren’t sure where to start. “Before You Buy” will be available Fall 2022.

This year, Shana will be celebrating 14 years of marriage with her husband Andre. They have four amazing children, two boys and two girls, ranging in age from 8 to 14.

Shana’s family drives her passion for her education and empowerment. Shana is determined to impact her community through the education of Black Americans on the power of home ownership and how to leverage it to build wealth for their future. Shana believes that everything you want is already yours; all you have to do is claim it and go after it.

David Lee

David Lee

Atlanta, GA
Identity Jedi, financial professional, and aspiring mogul. David lives to enlighten and help all those around him. Additionally he's pretty funny too, sometimes.


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